viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Morgellons: A disease that spreads through the Internet

I came across this condition recently and I wanted to share the information. The disease is called Morgellons and to sufferers it is either a new type of infection that has landed on our planet via comets, alien parasites reproducing under the skin, something to do with nanotechnology or a reoccurring past infection. The medical profession views it simply as a case of DOP (delusion of parasitosis). If it is a type of mass hysteria what makes it unique is that its spreading through the internet. One specialist is certain that it is caused by an underlying and undiagnosed itch disorder. To clear up the matter CDC (centers for disease control) is in now involved to either clear up the mystery or co-ordinate the cover up :)

I personally hope its caused by aliens reproducing under our skin.

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Dr. Martin Polanco - Ingenio Capicua Guest Blogger

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